The Team

At CPower, we believe that at the heart of successful energy management lies the trust between an organization and its energy team.

We love being that team.

Mike Abramson

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Alvarado-Rivero

Director | Infrastructure and Integrations

Jobin Arthungal

Sr. Technical Sales & Portfolio Manager | New England

Georgia Avgerinos

Sr. Analyst

Jamie Bachman

Manager | Field Operations

Kyle Barnett

Financial Analyst

Jack Bauman

Energy Engineer I

Peter Bergeron

Senior Director & GM | Utility Programs

Raymond Berkebile

Vice President | Engineering

Christine Bilotta

Analyst II | Engineering

Keith Black

Vice President, Sales | New England

Glenn Bogarde

Senior Vice President | Sales

Kellen Bollettino

Account Executive | PJM

Danielle Bond

Supervisor | Engineering

Mark Boucher

Director | Technical Product Management

Chris Brien

IT Infrastructure Support III

Gary Bright

Energy Engineer II

Bruce Campbell

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Becky Carfagno

Account Manager | PJM

Rory Caster

Sr. Director | Customer Fulfillment

Jennifer Chamberlin

Executive Director | Market Development

Nancy Chafetz

Senior Director | Regulatory Affairs

Hongtao Chen

Technical Lead | Software

David Chernis

Account Executive | New York

Philip Ciulla III

Account Executive | New England

Chandra Colaresi

Regulatory Affairs Specialist | Regulatory and Government Affairs

Rusty Coulbourn

Technical Lead | Software

William Cratty

Senior Technical Sales | New England

Karen Cross

Manager | Business Execution

Matthew D’Atri

Business Development Representative

Michael Debelius

Supervisor | Customer Integrations

James DiSabato

Project Manager | Customer Integration

Peter Dotson-Westphalen

Sr. Director | Market Development

Ed Drew

Vice President & General Manager | PJM Region

John Desper

Account Executive | California

David Eastman

Software Developer II

Donald England

Operations Analyst | Enrollments, Settlements, Payments

Jeremy Ellis

National Account Executive

Yana Fayer

Vice President| Finance

James Fleming

Analyst | Business Execution

Suzanne Fontaine

Director | Customer Fulfillment

Steven Fulcher

Supervisor | Dispatch

Dan Fusco

Technical Lead | Customer Integrations

Joe Gatto

VP & General Manager Sales | NE & National

Arusyak Ghukasyan

Senior Energy Engineer

Beatrice Gockley

Senior Program Manager | Utility Products

Eddie Gomez

Dispatch Operator

Michael Furlane

Analyst | Enrollments, Settlements and Payments

Mark Goudreault

Energy Efficiency Account Executive

Jon Grau

Business Development Manager

Sukesh Gangumalla

Developer III | IT Applications

Darren Hammell

Director | Energy Storage

Kyle Harbaugh

Senior VP | IT & Product Management

Joe Hayden

VP & General Manager of Sales | Texas

Tyler Herron

Software Developer II

John Horton

President & CEO

Michael Hourihan

Director | Market Development

Chien-Hsiung Huang

Senior Developer | IT

Shanelle Hunter

Accounts Payable Manager | Finance

Robert Johnson

Account Executive | Arizona Public Service

Tom Jenkins

Treasury Manager

Donna Karas

Director, Account Management | PJM

Alison Keefe

Supervisor | Energy Engineer II

Joseph Keller

Developer III | IT

Megan Kelly

Manager | Customer Systems

Ryan Keperling

Director | Strategic Market Development

Erica Knapek

Account Manager | PJM

John Kraemer

Account Executive | PJM

Jennifer Lam

Senior Accounting Manager

Edmund Lassiter

Senior Dispatcher | Dispatch Services

Paul Lange

Senior Analyst | Field Operations

Millie Knowlton

Sr. Manager | Strategy and Business Development

Dave Lavoie

Account Executive | New England

Rebecca Lawrence

Account Manager | New England

Alex Levine

Sr. Analyst | Product Management

Austin Lopez

Senior Software Engineer| IT

KC Mares

Director | Industry Strategy, Data Centers

Romy Marques

Senior Scheduling Analyst

Omar Maybin

Dispatch Operator

Pat McChesney

Vice President and General Manager, New York

Greg Mears

Software Developer II

Craig Markham

Sr. Director | Customer Fulfillment

Matthew Mccue

Account Executive | New York

Michael Mindell

Sr. National Account Executive

Nazirah Muhammad

Manager | Proposals & Corporate Communications

Tari Neppl

Director | IT Applications

J Russell Newbold

Vice President & General Manager | Energy Efficiency

Katie Norris

Financial Analyst

Amy Nunnemacher

Sr. Manager | Corporate Communications

Stephen Oyler

Sr. Director | Compliance

Bill Oosterom

Director | PJM East

Jackie O’Mara

Account Executive | PJM

Lee Papa

Dispatch Operator

Ashley Parkin

Analyst | Enrollments, Settlements, and Payments

Christine Pennington

Manager | Marketing Events & Campaigns

Jill Perry

Account Manager

Sameera Peddada

Scrum Master/ SQA |IT Applications & Product Management

Corey Pettingill

Project Manager II | Customer Integrations

Benjamin Pickard

Vice President | Corporate Development

Andrew Price

IT Infrastructure Support II

Dann Price

Senior Market Development Director

Corinne Pociask

Manager | Business Execution

Matthew Pool

Account Executive | California

Brian Purvis

PJM Lead | Enrollments, Settlements & Payments

Mike Ratliff

Vice President, Utility Solutions| IT

Vladimir Razuvayev

Test Engineer| IT

Eric Read

Senior National Account Executive

Dave Resler

Account Manager | PJM

Alain Reynoso

Supervisor | IT Applications

Aimee Riley

Sr. Account Manager | National Accounts and MISO

Eric Ring

Manager |Enrollments, Payments & Settlements

Becky Roache

Supervisor | Operational Readiness

Pip Robins

Account Executive

Vanessa Rocio

Energy Engineer

Elizabeth Rose

Operations Analyst

Troy Rosenberg

Software Engineer | IT

Jim Rybarczyk

Account Manager | National Accounts

Courtney Ryder

Manager | Enrollments, Payments & Settlements

Mathew Sachs

Senior Vice President | Strategic Planning and Business Development

Kenneth Schisler

Vice President | Regulatory Affairs

Shelley Schopp

Senior Vice President | Customer Fulfillment

Andy Seelaus

Account Executive | Energy Efficiency

Bridget Sievers

Analyst | Business Execution

Bruce Sipe

Sr. Analyst

Catherine Smith

Account Manager | PJM

Daric Snyder

Director | Customer Experience

Jay Snyder

Manager | Field Integrations and Technology Alliances

Rachel Smith-Osborne

Technical Product Manager

Nate Soles

Vice President | National Accounts

Tatiana Startseva

Sr. Director | Financial Planning and Analysis

Matthew Sullivan

Quality Assurance Engineer |IT

Michele Taylor

Account Manager | Texas

David Todd

Technical Product Manager

Ed Toppi

Vice President | Sales Operations

Emilia Totozani

Analyst NYISO | Enrollments, Settlements, and Payments

Kam Tower

Business Development Representative

Sherrea Turner

Office Manager

Mat Tuttelman

Account Executive | New England

Stephanie Tray

Account Manager | Energy Efficiency

Stephanie Turcios

Human Resources Generalist

James Vasquez

Account Executive | Texas

Ethan Van Brunt

Energy Efficiency Technical Sales Representative

Rocco Venuto

Director | PJM West

Kishore Verma

Supervisor | Development

Sherry Wang

Software Developer III

Yanchun Wang

Director | IT

Susan Warnock

Business Execution Analyst

Bernadette Werntges

Senior Energy Engineer

Christian Wesselhoeft

Software Engineer | IT

Brad Widdup

Director | Distributed Generation

Diane Wiggins

Director Business Development| Utility Programs

Katie Williams

PJM Account Manager

Rob Windle

Executive Director | Distributed Resources

Stephen Yeung

Integration Engineer III