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CPower Expands into Canada, Awarded Position in Ontario’s IESO Demand Response Program

TORONTO, ONTARIO (December 14, 2018) — CPower Energy Management, one of the largest and most successful demand-side energy management companies in the United States, has been awarded a position in Ontario’s IESO Demand Response program and will continue to focus on helping their customers address the Global Adjustment costs. The award cements CPower’s status as a true North American energy solutions provider.

According to Brad Widdup, General Manager for Canadian Markets, CPower began working in the IESO in summer of 2018. “This is a prime example of CPower’s dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience,” he said. “Over the past year a number of our customers have expressed interest in being able to monetize their Canadian facilities in addition to their sites in the United States. Our experience and expertise will now allow them to be successful in multiple North American markets.”

CPower customers have increased participation in demand response programs through distributed energy resources (DER) across all six energy markets where it operates. Demand Response allows CPower customers to monetize these assets, adding revenue streams to the traditional cost-savings DER model. “DERs, such as renewables and energy storage, are becoming a fundamental component of our customers’ energy mix,” Mr. Widdup said. “Our expertise in monetizing these assets through demand response programs will be important for both our strategic DER partners and customers incorporating DERs in the IESO market.”

Glenn Bogarde, Sr. Vice President for Sales and Marketing, described CPower’s Canadian presence as a significant part of the company’s growth and customer expansion strategy. “We are now well positioned to serve both our existing customers with a Canadian footprint and new customers who want to save and earn by participating in these potentially lucrative programs,” said Mr. Bogarde.

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CPower is a leading demand-side energy management solutions provider that helps commercial, industrial and government organizations in the U.S. energy markets save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment, enhance their sustainability efforts, and contribute to a balanced, reliable grid. We create customized energy strategies designed to help our customers achieve success through demand response, demand management programs, and distributed energy resources, including automated curtailment, storage, and energy efficiency monetization. For more information, please visit

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