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CPower Sustainability Leadership Recognized With 2020 Project Of The Year Award From Environment + Energy Leader

Baltimore, MD, July 21, 2020 — CPower Energy Management, the nation’s leader in demand-side energy management, was awarded a 2020 Top Project of the Year Award from Environment + Energy Leader. CPower was honored for its work with industry leader Scale Microgrid Solutions and vertical agriculture pioneer Bowery Farming in the development of Scale’s state-of-the-art distributed energy resources (DER) system for Bowery’s New Jersey facility. 

“With rapid advancements and near-constant rate of change in the field, 

sustainability and energy professionals had to prove to our judges that they were really the best of the best this year,” says Sarah Roberts, E+E Leader publisher. The panel of expert judges noted, “This project delivers significant benefits, right away, in terms of energy resilience, cost-effectiveness and sustainability… It demonstrates an attractive alternative to traditional load-balancing and backup. The project is noteworthy also because environmental sustainability benefits accrue at two levels: the business model of the end user (indoor farming) and the direct benefits of the energy management solution itself.”

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Healthcare workers at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center



Since December of last year,  the truly brave men and women in the healthcare industry that are treating and saving the lives of COVID-19 patients come to work, put in uncountable hours, and in every second of that chaotic day risk exposure to the worst disease we have seen in a very long time.

New York City has been one of the worst-hit areas in the US. CPower wants to thank all of you in New York and in every US city dealing with the pandemic. As a small token of our appreciation to your selfless donation to humanity, we have come together to donate to our friends at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Flushing Hospital, Cornell Medical Center, and Presbyterian Hospital in NYC.

We encourage all of our friends, followers, and employees to find a way to support these true heroes. A sandwich, coffee, cash, or even a heartfelt thank you card is so meaningful to the selfless individuals in this great time of need.

It is said that in a time of crisis is when you see the true character of humanity.

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CPower Hires Seasoned Energy Leader to Drive DER and Business Development Strategies

Baltimore, MD (July 17, 2019) — CPower, a leading provider of commercial and industrial demand-side energy management programs, announced this week the hire of Mathew Sachs as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Development.

Mr. Sachs is a well-known energy veteran with a successful track record planning, developing and implementing distributed and renewable growth strategies that leverage technological advances in solar, energy storage, intelligent software and other distributed energy resources (DERs). Mathew previously held executive roles at National Grid Ventures, KRoad DG and Yingli Green Energy focused on strategy, business development and inorganic growth through investment, partnership and acquisition.

The hire of Mr. Sachs further solidifies CPower’s plan to expand its DER and renewable energy strategy across North America by monetizing these types of assets for customers in regulated and deregulated energy markets. Mr. Sachs will put increased focus on growing strategic business and partnerships with organizations who share similar goals, strategies, and emphasis on customer experience.

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CPower Acquires Leading Energy Efficiency Project Monetization Firm Electric Market Connection (EMC)

BALTIMORE, MD (July 15, 2019) — CPower announced today that it has acquired Electric Market Connection (EMC), a leading service provider of energy efficiency measurement and verification and project monetization services in the PJM market.

CPower is one of the largest providers of demand-side management solutions to commercial and industrial customers in the U.S., and this acquisition further strengthens its industry-leading service offerings.

EMC pioneered a strategy of aggregating energy efficiency projects to unlock additional value for its customer in PJM. Since 2010, EMC has been a leader in helping customers maximize their energy efficiency investments.

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CPower Expands into Canada, Awarded Position in Ontario’s IESO Demand Response Program

TORONTO, ONTARIO (December 14, 2018) — CPower Energy Management, one of the largest and most successful demand-side energy management companies in the United States, has been awarded a position in Ontario’s IESO Demand Response program and will continue to focus on helping their customers address the Global Adjustment costs. The award cements CPower’s status as a true North American energy solutions provider.

According to Brad Widdup, General Manager for Canadian Markets, CPower began working in the IESO in summer of 2018. “This is a prime example of CPower’s dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience,” he said. “Over the past year a number of our customers have expressed interest in being able to monetize their Canadian facilities in addition to their sites in the United States. Our experience and expertise will now allow them to be successful in multiple North American markets.”

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LS Power to Acquire CPower Energy Management

BALTIMORE, MD (November 29, 2018) — LS Power Equity Advisors, LLC (“LS Power”), a U.S. power and energy infrastructure owner, through a private fund it manages, today announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Enerwise Global Technologies, Inc. (trade name “CPower”) from H.I.G. Capital. CPower is a leader in Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources in North America and will continue to operate as a stand-alone entity under the LS Power umbrella of companies. The transaction is expected to close in December 2018. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in 2014, CPower is a demand-side energy management company that helps organizations save on energy costs, earn revenue through energy curtailment, increase grid reliability, and achieve sustainability goals. This acquisition underscores LS Power’s ongoing focus on deploying its considerable power market expertise in critical and growing sectors of the market.

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CPower hires North American industry veteran to lead expansion into the Canadian energy market

BALTIMORE, MD —CPower Energy Management announces the appointment of Brad Widdup as Director and General Manager to lead its expansion into the Canadian demand-side energy management markets. He brings more than 25 years of experience working in and around the North American utility industry, with experience in customer and operational applications for both regulated and deregulated energy markets.

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“Unequaled Commitment to Its Clients’ Success”: CPower Awarded 2018 Customer Value Leadership Award for North American Demand Response Industry

BALTIMORE, MD — Frost & Sullivan, a global growth partnership company focusing on growth, innovation and leadership, has recognized CPower Energy Management as the 2018 Customer Value Leader in the Demand Response Industry.

“To achieve leadership in customer value is never an easy task,” said David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan, “but it is one made even more difficult considering today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty… Within this context, your receipt of this Award signifies an even greater accomplishment.”

John Horton, President and CEO of CPower, added, “It is an honor to receive this award, mainly because of everything it stands for—Customer Value Leadership. Our slogan at CPower is ‘We’re Here To Help’. This means we’re going to help our customers master their organization’s energy spend, improve their bottom line and enhance their sustainability efforts. When our customers succeed, we are in alignment with everything we stand for here at CPower.”

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Innovative Stem, CPower Partnership Generates Energy Innovation Award for California State University, Dominguez Hills

BALTIMORE, MD, and Millbrae, Calif., —When CPower Energy Management and California-based Stem Inc. announced their partnership in 2017, they knew their leading-edge AI-powered energy storage + demand response program would pay dividends for customers. Neither company, though, anticipated that it would be award-winning. At least not so soon.

That changed on February 2, when Smart Energy Decisions announced that Stem-CPower customer California State University, Dominguez Hills, has been awarded their 2018 Innovation Award in the Customer Project/Onsite Renewable Energy category.

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CPower Embraces the Changing ERCOT Energy Market Through the Strategic Leadership of Joe Hayden

BALTIMORE, MD, Richmond, VA — CPower Energy Management, a national leader in demand-side energy management solutions, has appointed Joe Hayden to lead their Texas-based ERCOT sales and fulfillment teams.

“With recent generation plant closures and increased energy consumption, the ERCOT market is experiencing a lot of evolution and change. A future where demand-side management is an even greater function of grid reliability and energy spend management is very plausible,” said Glenn Bogarde, CPower’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “To ensure CPower’s success in managing these changes and creating more opportunities for our customers, the addition of Mr. Hayden is essential.” Bogarde added, “Joe’s proven experience in aligning solutions to specific customer needs in complex and evolving markets will be a significant benefit to CPower and the customers we serve in ERCOT.”

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CPower Retained By Commonwealth of Virginia To Provide Demand Response Services

BALTIMORE, MD, Richmond, VA — CPower Energy Management has received a Notice of Intent to Award from the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide curtailment and demand response (DR) services to facilities statewide. This is CPower’s third consecutive demand response contract with Virginia.

The renewed contract was awarded through a competitive procurement process. It will cover 135 accounts across the state, including K-12 schools, public universities, airports, and municipal buildings. The program is managed and overseen by the Virginia Division of Energy’s Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME).

In 2017, CPower enrolled 78 MW in PJM Interconnection’s demand response program on behalf of the state. CPower also enrolled 7 MWs of additional capacity in the form of completed energy efficiency projects that qualified to earn additional revenue from the forward capacity market.

“We are proud to have CPower as our partner again for the next three years,” said Nam Nguyen, manager of DMME’s Virginia Energy Management Program. “The whole CPower team, and Leigh Anne [Ratliff] in particular, has always been dedicated to both providing the best service and increasing enrollment to benefit the state.

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CPower Contracts with SCE to provide 35 MWs of DR Capacity under Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM)

CAMPBELL, Ca., Nov. 7, 2017 —  CPower, a leading provider of commercial and industrial demand response in California and the US, announced today it has contracted with Southern California Edison to provide 35 megawatts (MWs) of the utility’s 100 MW capacity procurement as part of the 2018/2019 Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM), a pilot program entering its third phase.

The announcement comes as demand response in California continues evolving and becomes more integrated with other resources into the California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) markets.

Jennifer Chamberlin, CPower’s Executive Director for California, has more than 15 years of experience in the Golden State’s energy industry and believes CPower is positioned to help the state achieve its clean energy and grid reliability goals with the DRAM program while helping organizations earn revenue through curtailment.

“The DRAM Pilot is an exciting way for customers to participate directly in the CAISO markets,” Chamberlin said. “Our customers offer load curtailment that can be used to meet grid needs instead of turning on a power plant, helping to support the CAISO grid with a carbon-free resource attained by allowing customers to respond to market prices and reduce energy consumption when the system needs it most.”

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CPower Appoints JP Harper VP National Accounts, GM California Market

September 21, 2017 –CPower Energy Management, a national leader in demand-side energy management solutions, has appointed JP Harper to lead its national sales and California market teams.

“Our executive team set out to find an executive leader to be highly focused on the fast-growing California market and our national customer accounts that extend across multiple open energy markets,” said Glenn Bogarde, CPower’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are very excited to bring JP on to fill this new executive position. His experience and qualifications make him uniquely qualified to lead the company’s expansion in these markets.”

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Navigant: New Demand Response/Energy Storage Partnership Poised to Reduce Customer Deployment Hurdles

CPower and Stem partnership highlighted by Navigant Research.

September 12, 2017 – “[…] a recent partnership announcement by CPower and Stem will combine Stem’s energy storage capabilities services with CPower’s DR and curtailment services to better manage customer energy load and spend. Given the current contracting and revenue models that each vendor provides, an integrated Stem/CPower offering has the potential for an improved customer savings business case that can exceed the business case of each technology individually.”

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Stem and CPower Announce Energy Management Partnership

Demand response, intelligent energy storage leaders to jointly offer integrated demand-side solutions

MILLBRAE, CA and Baltimore, MD– August 8, 2017 – Stem, Inc., the leader in intelligent energy storage services, and CPower, the leader in demand response (DR) and demand-side energy management services for commercial and industrial customers, announce a new partnership to deliver a unique demand-side energy solution to customers across the U.S., starting in California.

The partnership will combine Stem’s energy storage services with CPower’s demand response and curtailment services to offer customers an integrated solution for managing electricity demand. In so doing, Stem and CPower co-optimize two increasingly important resources at the customer facility level to provide customers with both a steady revenue stream and substantial energy savings, all while alleviating stress on the grid.

The Stem-CPower partnership is ideal for commercial, industrial, and institutional customers who are interested in optimizing operations, increasing profitability and advancing sustainability. Customers can now take advantage of the confluence of energy management technologies and smart grid opportunities by automatically reducing load when prices peak, earning revenue through DR and supporting a modern, resilient grid for their community.

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CPower Acquires Leading Energy Efficiency Measurement Firm

BALTIMORE, July 7, 2017

CPower announced today that it has acquired eCap Network, a leading provider of energy efficiency measurement and verification services in the PJM market.  The purchase is part of CPower’s ongoing efforts to expand its demand-side management services nationwide.

Already one of the largest providers of demand response to commercial and industrial organizations in the US, CPower is deepening its commitment to energy management capabilities by enhancing its energy efficiency expertise through the acquisition of eCap.

eCap has a strong reputation for helping customers monetize their energy efficiency projects in PJM and was an early market entrant in the energy efficiency measurement and verification niche.  

John Horton, CPower’s President and CEO, believes the acquisition will help CPower provide its customers with an opportunity to create more value from their energy efficiency projects as the PJM market evolves to meet the grid’s reliability needs of the future.   

“eCap specializes in qualifying and capitalizing energy efficiency projects in PJM’s complex markets,” Mr. Horton said. “eCap’s team has years of experience and, like CPower, is committed to helping customers achieve and exceed their energy management goals. We’re thrilled to have their expertise in-house to complement our extensive demand-side management product offering.”

The changing nature of PJM’s Reliability Pricing Model favors capacity offerings from both demand response and energy efficiency resources. With the acquisition of eCap, CPower is in prime strategic position to help their customers earn revenue with both.

Learn more about CPower’s enhanced energy efficiency offerings HERE.

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CPower signs contract with PECO to help business customers in Pennsylvania reduce electricity demand during peak hours

Leading curtailment service provider to offer commercial and industrial demand response resources to meet PA Act 129 state-mandated load reduction targets

BALTIMORE, April 18, 2017

CPower, a leading provider of demand-side energy management services to commercial and industrial customers, today announced it has been selected by PECO Energy Company (PECO – an Exelon Company) as one of the curtailment service providers to facilitate PA Act 129 demand response services during peak hours in the utility’s service areas.

PECO is the largest electric and natural gas utility in Pennsylvania, serving approximately 1.6 million electric customers and more than 511,000 natural gas customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. The multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with CPower will ensure grid reliability by enabling commercial and industrial companies to participate in PECO’s Act 129 demand response programs. CPower helps clients optimize energy savings and earnings via effective load curtailment strategies, including temporarily reducing or shutting down industrial processes, turning off lights in groups or sequences, cutting back HVAC systems, or shutting down large motors and compressors.

“CPower is excited to provide demand-side resources to help PECO support grid reliability and meet the state’s aggressive energy reduction goals,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President, CPower.  “The new PA programs will provide compounding value and a great opportunity for businesses to improve their bottom line and help the community by keeping the power system sustainable and stable during times of high use.”

This Commercial and Industrial Demand Response Program will be offered during the summer months (June – September) of the Act 129 program delivery years starting in 2017 until 2020.  The program is unique in that it allows for enrollment in addition to existing PJM programs, increasing the financial incentives available to participants. CPower will launch the program on June 1, 2017, and is currently recruiting participants for the 2017 performance season. Learn more at:

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CPower to help reduce electricity demand during peak hours in National Grid’s New England service territory

Offers Massachusetts and Rhode Island Business Customers New National Grid Demand Response Program to Boost Energy Savings

BALTIMORE, Md. (Mar 28, 2017)

CPower, a leading provider of demand side management services to commercial and industrial customers, announced it has been selected by National Grid to provide demand response services to help reduce up to 45 MW of energy use during peak hours in the utility’s service territory.

National Grid’s electricity business customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can now earn up to $35,000/MW and become more energy efficient by participating in this innovative demand reduction program launched in late January. The two-year program could save enough energy during summer peak hours to power more than 20,000 homes — roughly the size of the town of Medford, MA or East Providence, RI.

“We are pleased to offer this innovative program that will give customers the technology and information they need to make more informed choices about energy-efficiency,” said Carlos Nouel, Vice President of New Energy Solutions, National Grid. “National Grid hopes to demonstrate that this program and others like it are cost-effective game changers that will revolutionize how customers and business use and budget for their energy.”

“As a leading energy management company with over 15 years of demand response experience in New England and nationwide, CPower is well positioned to provide National Grid with the demand side resources required to meet the region’s aggressive energy management goals,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President, CPower.  “Large energy users who register to participate in this new incentivized program now have the opportunity to reduce their electricity spend in 2017 and beyond while simultaneously supporting grid reliability.”

The National Grid program offers financial incentives to qualified participating businesses for reducing electricity consumption during times when demand for electricity is at its highest. When notified by National Grid about grid events, CPower will ask participating customers to reduce electric use for at least 20 hours over the summer, typically in one-to-four hour increments. Participating businesses are eligible to receive up to $35 for every kilowatt-hour curtailed during these reduction periods.

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CPower to help business customers reduce electricity demand during peak hours

Leading curtailment service provider to provide commercial and industrial demand response resources to meet PA Act 129 state-mandated load reduction targets

BALTIMORE, Md. (Jan 18, 2016)

CPower, a leading provider of demand-side energy management services to commercial and industrial customers, today announced it has been selected by FirstEnergy’s (NYSE: FE) Pennsylvania utilities to provide PA Act 129 demand response services during peak hours in the Met-Ed, Penn Power and West Penn Power service areas.

“CPower is excited to provide demand-side resources to help Pennsylvania’s forward-thinking utilities meet the state’s aggressive energy reduction goals and support grid reliability,” said Glenn Bogarde, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CPower.  “We will deliver the best possible solutions for FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities, working with new and existing commercial and industrial customers to optimize overall energy savings and earnings.”

Demand response programs reward electricity users for reducing consumption when alerted by a utility or independent system operators (ISO) such as PJM Interconnection, the grid operator that services 13 states and the District of Columbia.  Those reductions improve the performance of the regional electric grid, particularly during hot summer months or deep winter chills when energy usage increases. Participants are compensated based on how much electric load they commit to curtail when notified by the utility about a peak demand event during periods of potential grid stress conditions.

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CPower Acquires Johnson Controls’ Integrated Demand Resources Business

Enables CPower to strengthen its position as industry leader in Demand Response

Combination will assist CPower and Johnson Controls’ customers in expanding their Demand Response participation

BALTIMORE, Md. (May 2, 2016)

CPower announced today that it has acquired Johnson Controls’ Integrated Demand Resources (iDR) business. The purchase is part of CPower’s ongoing efforts to expand its Demand Response portfolio nationwide. For Johnson Controls, the transaction is part of a continuing strategy to invest in its building management technologies designed to deliver energy and operational efficiency to its customers.

The two companies will establish a long-term collaboration to create one of the leading providers of demand response in the market to bring greater value to customers.

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