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We help organizations like yours SAVE on energy costs, EARN revenue through energy curtailment, increase grid reliability, and achieve your sustainability goals.

CPowered: Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts

At CPower, we understand that the most effective kind of demand-side energy management is people-powered.

Your demand-side energy management monetization is powered by our caring people and the expertise they possess.

The term “CPowered” is our way of stamping our demand-side solutions with CPower’s people-powered approach. 

CPoweredTM Performance Solutions

We tailor our proprietary demand-side energy management solutions to suit the unique needs of your organization.

Facility Assessment

When you’re a CPower customer, you have a team of experts to help you get the most from your demand-side energy management.

CPowered™ facility assessment is the foundation for developing customized processes that help you manage your demand. We analyze your energy world as it happens. We look at when and where, and how often you use energy in your daily operations to ensure that you continue to save, earn, and support a healthy grid.


Curtailment Planning

CPoweredTMcurtailment planning turns your facility into a savings and revenue center.

Our team of experts analyzes your facility assessment and submits recommendations covering the full range of possible event and test curtailment scenarios you may encounter. We build a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curtailment action plan that incorporates what’s most important to you—safety, comfort, operational practicality, grid reliability, and monetizing your energy assets to their fullest potential.


Optimized Enrollments and Payments

CPower’s enrollments, settlements, and payments team understands that time is money–your money.

Just like customers, no two demand-side energy management programs are the same. Enrollment procedures differ from market to market, from ISO to utility, even from one part of the state to another. But they all share one thing: the need for speed and accuracy. If you’re not enrolled quickly and accurately you can’t begin to save and earn.


24/7 Dispatch

CPower’s dispatch team is on call around the clock and will let you know when it’s time to curtail your load.

CPowered™ 24/7 Dispatch is the critical link between you, grid reliability, and monetizing your energy assets. From our operational headquarters in Baltimore, MD, CPower’s dispatch teams monitor the state of the grid in the energy markets served by CPower. They’re on the desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, communicating with ISOs, RTOs, and utilities responsible for maintaining a balanced electrical grid.


CPower App

Automating your response to the demands of an overwhelmed grid can improve your performance, your revenue, and your sustainability profile.

Analyze. Strategize. Optimize. Maximize. With our CPower App, we equip you with the data and decision-making tools you need to direct strategies for managing your energy demand, and to maximize the saving and earning potential of your CPowered Program Solutions. Browser-based and always ready, our App goes where you go 24/7.



Automating your response to the demands of an overwhelmed grid can improve your performance, your revenue, and your sustainability profile.

Automating your demand-side energy management can improve your performance, your revenue earning potential and sustainability profile. It cuts down the resources needed to execute a curtailment strategy (or even eliminate them altogether). And it mitigates the risk of human error that can result in underperformance (and maybe underpayments).


Total Metering Solution

CPower’s Total Metering Solution eliminates the stress and risk of meter ownership by providing customers with an up-to-date, secure, reliable CPower Meter—installed and serviced by CPower experts.

Our CPowered™ Total Metering Solution streamlines CPower meter ownership and provides a low cost, end-to-end solution that reduces the risk and concerns associated with meter downtime, increases reliability and security and provides the framework for automation necessary for monetizing dispatchable distributed energy resources such as generators and storage batteries.



CPower is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the energy industry’s complex regulatory landscape.

CPower is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the energy industry’s complex regulatory landscape.

CPowered Advocacy is at work behind the scenes of every CPowered Program and Performance Solution. Our Market Development experts bring their exceptional knowledge and insights to the table as they advocate on your behalf to help shape regulation in the energy industry and demand-side energy management.


Performance Reporting

Performance reporting provides crucial insights about your curtailment performance that can help you better manage your demand-side energy management process.

Successful participation in demand-side energy management comes down to one thing: Performance. Regardless of whether it’s a test or a called event, how you perform against your curtailment commitment determines not only your achieved savings and earned revenue. It determines how successfully the grid is able to perform against the demands that jeopardize its ability to supply power to the many customers who depend on it.


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