Active Demand Capacity Resource (ADCR)

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Active Demand Capacity Resource (ADCR) is a demand response program in which participating loads are dispatched when wholesale electricity prices in New England are exceptionally high.

Launched in June 2018 as part of ISO-NE’s price-responsive demand construct, ADCR replaced the Real-Time Demand Response Program (RTDR).

In many ways, ADCR is very similar to the program it replaced.

Participants in ADCR offer their demand reduction into the day-ahead market and are dispatched in real-time. The difference with ADCR is that participating loads are dispatched due to an economic trigger (high wholesale electricity prices) as opposed to emergency-related grid stress as was the case with RTDR.

The extremely high wholesale electricity prices that trigger an ADCR event often correspond to the same emergency conditions on the grid that previously triggered RTDR resources.

That means that organizations participating in ADCR will likely be dispatched about as often as would have been the case with RTDR.

Whether your organization is new to demand response or has been participating for years, CPower is here to take the worry off your plate and put it onto ours.

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Left to Right: Corey Pettingill, Metering; Dave Lavoie, Account Executive; Jobin Arthungal, Market Development Manager; Zach Parkent, Senior Analyst; Joe Gatto, VP & General Manager; Phil Ciulla; Account Executive, Rebecca Lawrence, Account Manager; William Cratty, Sr. Technical Sales; Alison Keefe, Energy Engineer; Mat Tuttelman, Account Executive.

Your CPower team is with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other New England demand-side energy management programs. 

ADCR Program Snapshot

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