Today’s healthcare organizations are dedicated to resilience—protecting facilities from grid-wide power outages, providing uninterrupted care and safety to patients and staff, maintaining a reliable electricity supply to support their operations. 

Leaders tasked with ensuring energy resilience increasingly focus on technologies like microgrids, backup generation, energy efficiency, and demand response to keep the lights on during power disruptions.

Now, suppose you could monetize your energy resilience solutions to provide savings, earnings, and maximum return on investment?

CPower can help you make it happen.

Learn how healthcare organizations can leverage energy assets to support resilience

Even momentary power interruption in healthcare facilities can be a matter of life and death. This white paper discusses the behind-the-meter energy solutions that the U.S. healthcare sector increasingly turns to, and explores how demand-side energy management can monetize these energy solutions to provide both energy and financial resilience. 

CPowered™ curtailment planning turns your facility into a savings and revenue center.

Our team of experts analyzes your facility assessment and submits recommendations covering the full range of possible event and test curtailment scenarios you may encounter. We build a comprehensive, easy-to-follow curtailment action plan that incorporates what’s most important to you—safety, comfort, operational practicality, grid reliability, and monetizing your energy assets to their fullest potential.


Case Study:
Rhode Island Hospital’s Journey From The Sidelines To Optimized Demand-Side Energy Management

When a new EPA law threatened demand-side energy management at the largest hospital in The Ocean State, CPower answered the call.

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What is Demand-Side Energy Management?

Most of the time, demand-side energy management involves strategies designed to cut back, or curtail,  the amount of energy facilities like yours use for any number of reasons like:

Saving money, reducing air pollution, cutting your facility’s carbon footprint—and even earning revenue.

So why is it called demand-side energy management? To answer that question, let’s take a basic look at how energy typically travels from its source of generation to your facility.

Learn the fundamentals with CPower’s Demand-Side Energy Management 101 Video Series


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