Day: September 2, 2016

Choose Your Own Curtailment Adventure: “School’s in Session”

September 02, 2016

You’re a facilities manager in the public school system. Your district of twelve schools participates in demand response programs annually. Each year, you alternate the six schools that hold summer classes, which presents you with a unique opportunity to earn money through demand response.

What do you do?

1) You register the six schools that are NOT being used for summer classes in demand response programs.

This strategy insures a guaranteed load drop, since these six campuses are not being used during the summer months when demand response events are likely to be called. This course also insures that no one will be inconvenienced since the faculty, staff, and students will be spread among the other six campuses.

Since peak load contributions (PLC) are calculated during the previous year, you’re all but assured of having a PLC near zero provided you continue to alternate the six schools used for summer classes year after year.

It’s easy money for the school district. And why not? When was the last time the power company had to hold a bake sale to raise money for the things they need but can’t afford?

Click HERE to choose the ‘Easy Money for Education’ adventure and find out what happens next.

2)  You talk to your curtailment service provider (CSP) and devise a curtailment strategy that incorporates the campuses you are using.

While potentially more of an inconvenience for staff and students (and potentially less money earned from demand response) you realize that the purpose of curtailment programs is not to game the system. Demand response exists to alleviate grid stress by reducing load when the demand for electricity outpaces supply.

Click HERE to choose the ‘Do the Right Thing’ adventure and find out what happens next.