Mastering your organization’s energy use and spend is a challenge. But when you succeed, you’ll improve your bottom line, enhance your sustainability efforts, and contribute to a balanced, reliable energy grid. We’re here to help.
CPower is a Demand-Side Energy Management Company We help organizations like yours SAVE on energy costs, EARN revenue through energy curtailment, increase grid reliability, and achieve your sustainability goals.


CPower has extensive experience helping organizations in a variety of industries achieve demand-side energy management success.

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Brought to life and optimized by the CPower Team of Experts.

At CPower, we understand that the most effective kind of demand-side energy management is people-powered.

Customers choose CPower because of our people and the caring expertise they possess.

The term “CPowered” is our way of stamping a program or process with CPower’s people-powered approach, an approach that’s unrivaled in the industry.

It starts with CPower doing a complete assessment of your facilities to understand your energy needs and usage.

A CPowered™ strategy =
the optimal combination of program solutions + performance solutions

We begin by enrolling your organization in the right combination of programs.


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Demand Response
Capacity Programs
Economic Programs
Ancillary Services
Demand Management
Peak Demand Management
Energy Efficiency
Distributed Energy Resources
Energy Storage
Distributed Generation


Once your organization is enrolled in the optimal combination of program solutions, CPower then tailors our proprietary performance solutions to suit your unique needs.

CPower App

Access real-time energy usage information directly to your desktop or mobile device, quickly and intuitively.

Facility Assessment

Our team of experts will conduct a complete assessment of your facilities to understand your energy needs and usage.

Total Metering Solution

Eliminate the stress and risk of meter ownership– installed and serviced for life by CPower.


CPower is dedicated to helping your organization navigate the energy industry's complex regulatory landscape.

Performance Reporting

Access crucial insights about your curtailment performance that can easily be shared within your company.

Optimized Enrollments & Payments

Time is money when it comes to participating demand-side energy management programs.

24/7 Dispatch

CPower’s in house dispatch team is on call around the clock, executing your curtailment strategy during a demand response event.

Curtailment Planning

No one knows your facility and your operation like you do. That’s why we build an action plan that incorporates what’s most important to you.


CPower Link, when combined with The CPower App, helps you get the most of your automated demand response.


We serve more than 1,400 commercial and industrial customers at nearly 9,000 sites in the US.

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