How Does CPower Help The State?

CPower has helped the state of Virginia earn nearly $20 million
in combined capacity performance and energy efficiency participation.

Who’s helping Virginia earn revenue and help ensure a reliable grid for our communities? You are. Schools, universities, cities, and public works departments all participate in PJM’s emergency capacity program through load curtailment, energy efficiency, projects, or both.

In fact, you’ve contributed 437 MWs* to grid reliability through CPower’s EE program with PJM. Lights stay on, air conditioners hum, and your community members go about their daily lives knowing their electrical grid is reliable and secure.

*June 2017-June 2020

Staff at Virginia State University prepare for their annual demand response test.
Staff at Virginia State University prepare for their annual demand response test.

“Demand response has been good business for the division. We’ve been able to help the grid at their busiest times, earn some money, and we use the curtailment test as an opportunity to test some of our critical systems. By being able to find problems in controlled situations, we have prevented them from happening in emergencies. It’s been a win all the way around for us from a business, maintenance, and conservation standpoint.” – Jim Morris, Assistant Director, Environmental and Energy Management, Virginia Beach Public Schools

By the Numbers

Since 2017, nearly $20 million has been earned by Virginia facilities participating in Demand Response & Energy Efficiency

Each year, more and more Virginia state organizations are joining with CPower to enjoy the financial and energy benefits of participating in demand response and energy efficiency programs.

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