Why Sherlock Holmes Would Have Been a Great Energy Manager

April 04, 2016

Scotland Yard’s ace sleuth may not have intuitively known the finer points of a fixed price, index, or hybrid energy supply contract. He likely didn’t have the foresight to know which energy efficiency project will produce the best return on his investment. And, given that his heyday was about a century before the creation of the free energy markets, Sherlock Holmes probably didn’t have a clue about developing a load reduction strategy to maximize his demand response earnings.

What Sherlock Holmes did understand was the need to gather reliable data before making any important decisions. The same philosophy that worked for tracking villains in the 19th century also works for making energy decisions today. The more you know about your energy consumption, the better your decisions concerning your energy usage will be.

The best place to start gathering data is your utility bill (elementary, my dear energy manager). Your utility bill will give you an indication of how much energy you’ve consumed over the past month. If you have a consumption meter, you will see the total amount of kilowatt hours that have flowed over the entire period, typically a month. Larger customers will have an interval meter, which will measure their consumption in hourly or even 15 minute intervals.

The Smart Meter is essentially a 15-minute interval meter, but has a wireless connection that allows the utility to read it over-the-air. However, many utility smart meter implementations are configured to only read the meter once each day. Smart meters get us closer to real- time data, but not all the way there.

Why is real time data so important to unlocking the mysteries one must solve in creating an optimized energy strategy? In the words of Mr. Holmes, himself, “there is nothing like first-hand evidence.”

Real-time data provides not only evidence for understanding how you currently use energy, but also valuable clues for how you plan on using energy as part of your energy management strategy. Just as Sherlock Holmes used a magnifying glass to examine the details of his surrounding world, so too do you need a tool to monitor your energy usage in real- time.

Enter CPower.

CPower offers a complete demand response solution on your desktop or mobile device that allows you to see your facilities’ energy usage in real-time. The data is captured in one-minute intervals and then sent over a secure transport, which never touches your network. The data is then sent directly to you on your PC or smart phone.

Historical Usage in the CPower app
Energy management at your fingertips: The CPower App gives you the data to make informed energy management decisions.

CPower’s technology gives you the ability to observe rather than merely see and gives you the data you need to make smart decisions about your energy. The best part is that if you are a CPower Demand Response customer, the CPower App and its capabilities are part of the services we provide at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Real- time energy data is at your fingertips with the CPower App. Take a peek at a video featuring the CPower team behind the technology explaining how the right info at the right time can make all the difference when making energy decisions.

The game is afoot!


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Kyle Harbaugh

Kyle Harbaugh is the Senior Vice President of IT and Product Management at CPower. His team of thinkers and tinkers are the architects behind the CPower App.

Kyle Harbaugh

Kyle Harbaugh is the Senior Vice President of IT and Product Management at CPower. His team of thinkers and tinkers are the architects behind the CPower App.