Synchronized Reserves

Earn revenue for helping restore the grid during an emergency.

PJM’s Synchronized Reserve supplies electricity if the grid suffers from an unexpected need for more power on short notice. When the grid is stressed due to an emergency like an unplanned generator outage or other unexpected spikes in demand, PJM can call on its synchronized reserves to quickly restore the balance between supply in demand.

CPower can help your organization get the most out of participating in PJM’s synchronized reserve market.

  • The Synchronized Reserve Program helps the grid react to short-term disturbances.
  • Participants offer a price at which they are willing to curtail their loads.
  • If their offer is accepted, the participant must be on-call to curtail within 8 minutes of an event notification.
  • Your organization gets paid well for its ability to curtail on short notice.
  • Your CPower team is with you every step of the way, and can help you earn even more revenue by participating in other PJM demand response programs. 

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