Webinar: Stack and Earn with PECO’s Demand Response

Why should you consider the Act 129 Demand Response Program for commercial and industrial customers in Pennsylvania? Join CPower on February 21st at 10 AM EST as we walk you through this lucrative program and show you how to help support your utility and the grid while increasing your revenue earning potential.

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Maximize Your Existing Demand Response Revenues
with the PECO Demand Response Program

Hey, PECO commercial and industrial customers… 

Last year, CPower helped hundreds of commercial and industrial organizations in Pennsylvania earn $1000’s and even $100,000’s through PECO’s Demand Response Program.

 This year, we expect to help them earn even more and we want you to be a part of it!

Even if you’re already a demand response participant, your business may qualify for more incentives
by curtailing your energy usage as part of the PECO Demand Response Program.

Find out today if you qualify to earn additional revenues for the 2019 season.

Earn more money for using less energy:

CPower is ready to help you earn

CPower’s team of energy experts will help you develop your energy strategy and maximize your demand response participation.

We’re ready to make energy work…for you.


Learn more about the PECO Demand Response program

Download “Maximize Your Existing Demand Response Revenues
with the PECO Demand Response Program” and discover how CPower and PECO Electric Utilities can help you get more out of your demand response.
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Watch our recent webinar on PECO’s Demand Response Program


Join CPower for this 40 minute webinar to learn all about the PECO Demand Response Program, including:

– A brief history of PA Act 129
– Participation parameters and regulations
– Best curtailment practices
– Maximizing value by incorporating the program into your existing DR portfolio
– How and when to enroll
– Tracking your performance
– And much more!

Contact CPower and learn how you can maximize your existing DR with the PECO Demand Response Program. Fill out the form below or call 844-422-8129.

Not a PECO Electric Utilities Customer? Click here to learn if your organization is eligible for maximized DR incentives.