Why Partner with CPower?

CPower is a demand side partner who makes your clients realize how valuable you are.

CPower is a demand side energy management company with no energy supply brokering business of our own. We maintain a strategy and commitment to work with, and not compete against, independent energy brokers and consultants.

We’re a fully integrated curtailment service provider, which means we do our own assessments, engineer our own installments, handle our own dispatches through our operations hub, and efficiently manage enrollments, settlements, and payments.

CPower provides businesses and organizations the wisdom to better understand their energy usage and monetize their energy assets through participation in demand response programs. We care about your client and want them to succeed as much as you do.

We’re going to give your client a great experience.

The benefits of Partnering with CPower:

  • Access to best- in-class monitoring and reporting capabilities. CPower makes the customer experience interactive by putting tools for success in your hands.
  • Substantial incremental income opportunities for you and your organization
  • Strengthen relationships with and deliver more value to your existing client base
  • Expand your product/services offering to new and existing clients
  • Partner with a national demand side management leader that does not market competitive energy supply or energy advisory services
  • Access to partner program training, support, selling tools and regionally focused joint marketing initiatives

Partner with CPower and start earning.

CPower pays you for each customer you refer to us. Your customers earn revenue with demand response.  Everyone wins. Download “The Value of Partnership” to learn more.

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What is Demand Response?

Learn how CPower can help your customers earn revenue by reducing energy usage.