Global Adjustment


Lower your Global Adjustment fee
with CPower’s Peak Management system

Every month your business is charged a fee—called a peak charge or, more specifically in Ontario, a Global Adjustment fee—based on how much electricity you consumed during the period when electricity demand on the grid was at its highest.

If you can curtail your energy consumption during periods of peak system load, you will lower your Global Adjustment value, which in turn will potentially reduce your power costs.

CPower’s Peak Management system can help you make this happen.

CPower’s Peak Management System:

  • Predicts the 5 CP (coincidental peak) hours based on grid-wide electric demands, weather data, historical grid information, and other variables.
  • Provides seven-day forecast, identifying likely critical peak days.
  • Presents key peak demand information in an easily-digestible user interface.
  • CPower can AUTOMATE your 5CP management, taking the work and worry off your plate. Your curtailment plan is executed automatically.
  • CPower’s system can also complement your existing demand response program(s), bringing more revenue to your organization.

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