Upgrade your backup generator.
Earn money for helping the grid.
Pay no out-of-pocket expenses.

Your backup generator can earn revenue in New York.
CPower’s energy experts can make it happen. 

CPower has extensive experience helping commercial and industrial organizations in New York earn revenue with emergency generators into revenue by enrolling them in demand response programs, which pay organizations for using less energy when the grid is stressed or electricity prices are high.

The revenue earned can be used to offset your energy spend or improve your organization’s infrastructure.

But before you start working your earnings into next year’s budget, there are a few things to know:

For one, not all emergency generators can participate in demand response due to recent laws passed by the EPA and the NYS DEC (Rule 222) that restrict usage for non-emergency situations. That’s the not-so-good news. The good news is that many generators can participate in demand response once they’ve been upgraded and certified by a licensed expert.

So how do you know if your generator is eligible for demand response or if it is in need of an upgrade?

That’s where CPower comes in. 

Fill out the form on this page and start the conversation with one of CPower’s energy experts who’s intimately familiar with the New York energy market. 

In New York, CPower can often cover the upfront costs for any upgrades or permitting needed to get your generator earning revenue with demand response.

You can pay off the upgrades AND earn revenue at the same time.

Find out if your generator is eligible for demand response in NY.

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The Energy Engineer’s Notebook

Question from Mike, Data Center manager in NYC:

“We were recently told that if we want our generators to earn money in demand response, they have to pass “Rule 222.” What is Rule 222 and how do we pass it?”

In this episode, CPower Energy Engineer Arusyak Ghukasyan demystifies the new regulation that affects the greater NYC area’s distributed generation assets ability to enroll in demand response.

CPowered™ facility assessment is the foundation for developing customized processes that help you manage your demand. We analyze your energy world as it happens. We look at when and where, and how often you use energy in your daily operations to ensure that you continue to save, earn, and support a healthy grid.

Demand Response Programs in New York

Special Case Resource Program (ICAP/SCR)
The ICAP-SCR program participants receive capacity and energy payments from CPower for reducing their electricity consumption when the reliability of the electric grid is in jeopardy and as a reserve capacity resource even if a participant is not dispatched. LEARN MORE

Emergency Demand Response Program (EDRP)
The EDRP program participants receive energy only payments from CPower for reducing their electricity consumption when the reliability of the electric grid is in jeopardy. Load reduction is voluntary when a test or dispatch event occurs.

Local Distribution Utility Programs:

In 2015, New York utility programs were developed in conjunction with New York State’s Public Service Commission’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV), a statewide effort to develop a new regulatory framework that includes incentives to leverage the deployment of distributed energy resources.

  • Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP)
    When you participate in your local utilities Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP), you are paid a reservation and energy payment from CPower to save energy, and you play a significant role in the operation of the electricity grid by reducing or shifting your electricity use during peak periods. LEARN MORE
  • Distribution Load Relief Program (DLRP)
    The DLRP programs can lower the cost of electricity in wholesale markets and, in turn, lead to lower retail rates. The DLRP provides two hours or less notification to enrolled customers to reduce their electricity use to help maintain system reliability in their communities. LEARN MORE

Find out if your generator is eligible for demand response in NY

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