Peak Demand Management


Lower your capacity charges
with CPower’s Peak Demand Management system

Every month your business is charged a fee—called a capacity charge or peak charge—based on how much electricity you consumed during the period when electricity demand was at its highest.

Right now, capacity charges in New England are on the rise due to the closure of older power plants and other infrastructure complaints.

If you can curtail your energy consumption during periods of peak system load, you will lower your capacity value (cap tag) which in turn will potentially reduce your power costs.

CPower’s Peak Demand Management service can help you make this happen.


CPower’s Peak Demand Management System:

  • Predicts the key hours based on grid-wide electric demands, weather data, historical grid information, and other variables.
  • Provides a seven-day forecast, identifying likely critical peak days.
  • Provides the information necessary to make an informed decision about when to take actions to reduce electric demand during these advantageous hours.
  • Ensures your CPower team of energy experts is with you every step of the way.


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White paper - The New England Power Market

In 2017, sharply rising capacity costs and energy volatility in the New England power market will increase your electricity costs despite relatively low fuel prices and flat usage trends. This white paper explores the underlying reasons, and goes on to explain specific actions commercial and industrial customers can take to mitigate these cost increases.

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