Midcontinent ISO

The Mid-Continent ISO (MISO) was granted status as a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in December of 2001. The move allowed MISO to oversee transmission lines over a multi-state area, and made MISO one of the first RTO’s in the nation.

Today MISO oversees nearly 66,000 lines of transmission across 15 states and one Canadian province. MISO also operates one of the largest energy and operating reserves markets in the world.

Working with the Montana-Dakota Utilities Company (MDU), CPower helps organizations participate in MISO’s Demand Response Resource Program, through which organizations make their capacity available to the Day-Ahead or Real-Time market. Utilizing Demand Response Resources reduces the amount of load that would need to be served by higher cost resources.

Other MISO programs include:

  • Emergency Demand Response EDR was created to enable more demand resources to help the system during Emergency conditions, without necessarily qualifying for more involved programs.

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