ISO New England (ISO-NE) operates the regional power system, implements wholesale markets, and ensures open access to transmission lines in New England.

ISO-NE was created in 1997 in the wake of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Orders 888 and 889 (1996) which had called for open transmission systems to ensure fair and nondiscriminatory access by removing obstacles to competition in the wholesale trade of electricity.

Today there are 6.5 million households and businesses connected to the ISO-NE grid.

CPower has been helping businesses in New England achieve their energy goals and offset their costs through demand response since the early 2000’s, when the market’s deregulation had taken effect and allowed for a more competitive and thriving marketplace.

CPower helps organizations in New England participate in the ISO-NE’s Forward Capacity Market, through which the ISO procures the required capacity they think they will need years in advance of the delivery year when the energy will actually be used.

As part of its Forward Capacity Program, ISO-NE offers two types of demand response programs:

Other ISO-NE programs include:

  • On-Peak Demand Resource Programs reward participants for permanent load reductions. With on-peak programs, the grid does not send out a dispatch notification.
  • The Transitional Price Responsive Demand Program offers an opportunity for businesses to earn revenue by reducing their power consumption when electricity prices are forecasted to be high.
  • National Grid’s Connected Solutions Program: Your business can potentially double the revenue you earn from your curtailments when you combine Connected Solutions with ISO-NE’s demand response program. Click here to learn more and watch a video.

White paper - The New England Power Market

In 2017, sharply rising capacity costs and energy volatility in the New England power market will increase your electricity costs despite relatively low fuel prices and flat usage trends. This white paper explores the underlying reasons, and goes on to explain specific actions commercial and industrial customers can take to mitigate these cost increases.

download it here

Capacity Charges are rising in New England…
CPower can help.

Right now, capacity charges in New England are on the rise due to the closure of older power plants and other infrastructure constraints.

CPower’s Peak Demand Management service can help you make this happen.


Find out which of ISO-NE’s programs should become part of your energy management strategy.

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