The Electric Reliability Council of Texas

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) was formed in 1970 to help ensure the stability of the energy grid in Texas.

Today ERCOT is responsible for managing the flow of electric power to more than 24 million customers, which represents nearly 90% of Texas’s electric load.

With more than 43,000 miles of transmission lines and 550 generation units, the ERCOT grid covers 75% of the land area in Texas.

CPower helps organizations in Texas participate in several Demand Response Programs offered by ERCOT.

To balance the grid during times of instability and prevent “rolling blackouts”, ERCOT procures Emergency Response Service (ERS) from businesses like yours who can curtail their energy load during an emergency.

ERCOT offers two types of ERS programs:

  • Emergency Response Service–10 Minute (ERS 10) is available to participants who can curtail their load with a 10-minute ramp period.
  • Emergency Response Service– 30 Minute (ERS 30) is available to participants who can curtail their load with a 30-minute ramp period.

Customers who are capable of changing their load in response to an instruction and can meet certain performance requirements may qualify to participate in ERCOT’s Load Resource (LR) program.

  • Load Resource (LR)  Qualified customers may participate in ERCOT’s real-time energy market (Security-Constrained Economic Dispatch, or SCED) and/or may also provide operating reserves in the ERCOT ancillary services (AS) markets.

Organizations may also participate by voluntarily reducing their energy usage in response to wholesale prices.

  • Standard Offer Programs (SOP’s) pay participating eligible customers for agreeing to provide demand response when needed to help preserve electric grid integrity.

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Trevin Eckersley

VP & General Sales Manager, ERCOT
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