The CALIFORNIA Energy Market

It’s an exciting time to be an energy-consuming organization in California. That’s because we’re on the cusp of a new era in clean energy. Our drive toward generating 100% of our state’s energy by way of renewable sources by the middle of this century is one no other state can match.
Getting there won’t be easy, but the road of a pioneer seldom is.
That’s why CPower wants to help your organization lead California toward a more sustainable future with a holistic demand-side management solution

CPower helps organizations in California participate in Demand Response Programs, which pay businesses for using less energy when the grid is threatened with unreliability or volatile electricity prices. We also help customers avoid hefty demand charges and time-of-use rates by participating in demand management programs.

Demand Response Programs Offered in California

  • Capacity Bidding Program (CBP) is an aggregator managed program that operates with Day-Ahead and Day-Of options and runs year-round in the SCE Territory and May 1 thru October 31 elsewhere. There are numerous aggregators participating in CBP. The CBP program is open to new aggregators. CBP is available in SCE, SDG&E and PG&E Service Territories.
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  • Aggregator Managed Portfolio (AMP) is an aggregator managed program that operates with a Day-Of option and runs May 1 through October 31. There are currently two aggregators participating in AMP for 2017. The AMP program is closed to new aggregators. AMP is only available in the SCE Service Territory.
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  • Base Interruptible Program (BIP) is intended to provide load reduction on PG&E’s system on a day-of basis when the utility issues a curtailment notice. Customers enrolled in the program will be required to reduce their load down to or below its Firm Service Level (FSL). BIP is only available in the PG&E Service Territory.
  • Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) was created in 2014 under the guidance of the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) in an effort to harmonize utility-based reliability demand response with CAISO, the state’s grid operator. The program seeks to allow CAISO to add reliable demand response resources to areas of California where electric reliability may be at risk.
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Each aggregator is responsible for designing their own demand response program as well as customer acquisition, marketing sales, retention, support, and event notification tactics.

Stem and CPower have joined forces to deliver a unique demand-side energy management solution at the vanguard of energy's evolution.

Find out which California demand response program should become part of your energy management strategy.

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