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Your organization relies on an emergency generator for electricity when there’s an outage. But did you know that your emergency generator can also play a key role in your organization earning revenue?

CPower is here to help. 

Organizations with emergency generators have a distinct advantage when it comes to earning with demand response because they can reduce their electricity usage required from the grid, transfer their loads to their generators, and continue to run their operations without missing an operational beat.  

CPower’s has extensive experience helping commercial and industrial organizations leverage their emergency generator into revenue that can be used to offset their energy spend or improve their infrastructure.

We’re here to help.

An organization’s emergency generator can be the star energy resource that lets them take care of customers, protect the grid AND earn significant revenue.

But before you start working your earnings into next year’s budget, there are a few things to know:

For one, not all emergency generators can participate in demand response due to recent laws passed by the EPA eligibility and state regulations that restrict usage for non-emergency situations. That’s the not-so-good news. The good news is that many generators can participate in demand response once they’ve been upgraded and certified by a licensed expert.

So how do you know if your generator is eligible for demand response or if it is in need of an upgrade?

That’s where CPower comes in.

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