CPower’s on-going ERCOT webinar series is an invaluable tool for navigating Texas’s unique energy-only market, and maximize your participation in ERCOT’s lucrative demand response programs.

Join CPower experts as they provide in-depth insights, proven strategies, and up-to-the-minute assessments— and show how you can ensure vital grid reliability while reaping the rewards of demand response participation.

The Perfect Texas Storm: Low Reserves, High Prices, and Record Peak Demand for Summer 2018
Fundamentals: Demand Response 101
Strategies for Maximized Results

The Perfect Texas Storm: Low Reserves, High Prices, and Record Peak Demand for Summer 2018

The Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) preliminary assessment of resource adequacy for summer season 2018 (June-Sept) raised eyebrows. Record peak demand, thanks in part to Texas’s booming economy, combined with lower-than-normal power reserves, raises the very real possibility of record high prices.

ERCOT counts on everyone, including those participating in demand response, to focus on maximizing performance this summer. And CPower is here to do help you do just that. Join CPower’s Texas experts Mike Hourihan and Joe Hayden as they tackle the topics that will impact demand response customers this summer.

ERS Events—ERCOT says expect more frequent and longer events this summer. This could have a big impact on ERS customers used to a couple of short tests a year. Mike and Joe will discuss how to get ready to you’re not caught short.LR Pricing—A shrinking reserve margin and potentially skyrocketing demand will have serious price implications for customers of ERCOT’s LR program. Joe and Mike will walk you through historical pricing some very real summer scenarios, and share how you can make the most of them.

Fundamentals: Demand Response 101

Fundamentals: Demand Response 101 introduces you to DR in ERCOT, and covers:

  • ERCOT market structure
  • What is demand response and demand management
  • What programs are available
  • The value of DR participation
  • Participation with automation and Emergency Generators in the market

Strategies for Maximized Results

Strategies for Maximized Results takes your DR knowledge to the next level, and shares some important out-of-the-box methods for maximizing your value, including:

  • Creating a year-round revenue stream with an LR, ERS and peak management mix
  • Automation and generation – two often-missed opportunities
  • Load Resource Proration – what it is and how it works
  • Industry-specific best practices for maximum results

Mike Hourihan
Market Development Director, ERCOT

Mr. Hourihan is an analyst of the ERCOT energy market and a Market Development Manager for CPower. He has extensive experience in analyzing and developing market rules in multiple energy markets across North America. His career has focused on advocating for demand-side resources participation in the energy markets as a reliable low-cost option compared to traditional generation assets. Prior to joining CPower, Mr. Hourihan served as the Senior Analyst for Demand Response Partners, working with electric grid operators and utilities to maximize demand response enrollment in their various programs. He has also worked as a financial analyst for Citigroup and Hunterview LLC in their fixed-income trading departments. Mr. Hourihan graduated from Syracuse University with degrees in Finance and Management.

Joe Hayden
Vice President, General Manager, ERCOT

A Texas native and graduate of Texas Tech University, Joe has more than 27 years of management experience leading sales teams for Fortune 100 companies such as GE, Motorola, Ericsson, and Tyco. Assuming various leadership roles over the years, he has led his teams to significant growth in a number of industry segments, including electric utilities. During his tenure with Motorola, he provided solutions for investor-owned utilities such as Xcel Energy, Oncor, Entergy, TECO, AEP, and LCRA.