Load Resource (LR)


Earn more with ERCOT’s Load Resource Program

ERCOT offers the Load Resource (LR) Program, which pays businesses for being available to curtail energy on short notice when the grid is stressed.

Load Resource has the potential to pay businesses 2-3 times more than other ERCOT demand response programs.

CPower can help you get the most out of the Load Resource program by working closely with your organization to develop a customized curtailment strategy that suits your business objectives and operational considerations.

CPower’s Load Resource:

  • CPower provides a team of energy experts who works with you to develop and fine tune an energy management strategy that suits your specific needs.
  • Your organization gets paid for being available to use less energy when the grid is stressed.
  • CPower’s automation can streamline your demand response and help you earn more revenue from Load Resource.
  • Your CPower team is with you every step of the way and can help you earn even more revenue by participation in other ERCOT programs.  

Learn more about the Load Resource (LR) and other demand response programs in Texas.

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