You chose the ‘Do the Right Thing’ Adventure.

Let’s review a hypothetical scenario that could occur based on your actions.

Your curtailment service provider helps you devise a sensible curtailment strategy that minimizes inconvenience on your staff and students.

It turns out that you are able to take advantage of automated demand response (ADR), which allows you to meet the stringent needs of your market’s short term ancillary services program without disrupting your school day.

You help the district offset its energy costs with such effectiveness that several of the more in-need campuses are now able to undergo the physical renovations they’ve needed for years.

Congratulations. You’re a scholastic hero. Of course, you’re far too humble to accept the credit. Instead you take pride knowing your efforts have helped make your community a better place while supporting overall grid reliability. 

The scenario described in this article is hypothetical. It’s always a good practice to consult your curtailment service provider (CSP) before engaging in demand response or demand management programs. Contact CPower’s team to consult your organization’s options for managing demand in your market.