Choose Your Own Adventure: A Hospital's Dilemma

You chose the ‘More-Work-More-Control’ Adventure:

Let’s review a hypothetical scenario that could occur based on your actions.

Your diligent work pays off. You and your hospital enjoy resounding success in PJM’s economic program thanks to you going the extra mile.

Consulting your CSP turned out to be a difference-maker leading to your success. You were able to develop a sound curtailment strategy that put you in the driver’s seat of your demand management destiny.

You utilized your CSP’s energy management software to its fullest. By analyzing the day-ahead pricing, you gained a knowledge of when prices were projected to be at their highest the next day. Then, you executed your curtailment strategy around those hours and bid into the market, accordingly.

Because of the revenue earned through PJM’s economic program, your hospital was able to embark on healthcare initiatives that helped improve the lives of citizens in your community.

Congratulations. You’re a curtailment hero.

Of course, you’re far too humble to pound your chest and take all the credit. Instead you head back to the basement and continue to refine your curtailment strategy, content with the knowledge that your efforts have helped provide a better tomorrow for your hospital and your community. 

The scenario described in this article is hypothetical. It’s always a good practice to participate in the spirit of any demand response program. It’s also good practice to consult your curtailment service provider (CSP) before engaging in demand response or demand management programs. Contact CPower’s PJM team to discuss your organization’s options for managing demand in PJM.