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ERCOT Webinar Series

July 11, 2018
CPower’s on-going ERCOT webinar series is an invaluable tool for navigating Texas’s unique energy-only market, and maximize your participation in ERCOT’s lucrative demand response programs.Join CPower experts as they provide in-depth insights, proven strategies, and up-to-the-minute assessments— and show how you can ensure vital grid reliability while reaping the rewards of demand response participation.

Webinar: Leverage Your Generator Assets To Earn Revenue

May 01, 2018

Properly permitted, your emergency generation—EG—is both a reliability asset and a revenue generator. EG provides a great opportunity to earn revenue and save on energy costs through demand response (DR) and demand management programs.

The path from emergency generation to revenue generation, though, may seem like a complex, confusing, and occasionally contradictory thicket of state and local environmental regulations. Few organizations fully understand the scope and intricacies of EG regulation, which often results in misinformation, missteps, and missed revenue opportunities.

Fortunately, CPower’s extensive experience and knowledge base has led hundreds of organizations through the jumble of regulations and provided a clear path to monetizing EG assets. This webinar covers everything today’s energy managers and engineers need to to know to maximize the benefits of their EG portfolio. It includes:

  • A brief history of emergency generation as a component of demand-side energy management, and the numerous rule changes that have created the current EG landscape
  • How existing generators can be upgraded to meet increasingly stringent permitting requirements, bringing previously excluded MWs back into the market
  • ​Success stories illustrating how CPower has helped find and reclaim “lost” megawatts and enroll them in lucrative demand response and demand management programs​​

Join Ray Berkebile, CPower’s nationally recognized EG permitting expert, and CPower engineer Alison Keefe as they lead this in-depth look at how your EG assets can generate revenue for you, too.

Download the slides: Leverage Your Generator Assets To Earn Revenue Webinar (PDF)

Seasonal Readiness 2018

April 20, 2018
Are you ready for the 2018 demand response season? Our program information and On Demand Webinar resources will help make you successful in your programs in 2018. Below, you'll find program information, key dates (like communication drills), your CPower contacts, market information, dispatch information and more.

Watch: PECO Demand Response Webinar

April 13, 2018

Join CPower for this 40 minute webinar to learn all about the PECO Demand Response Program, including:

– A brief history of PA Act 129
– Participation parameters and regulations
– Best curtailment practices
– Maximizing value by incorporating the program into your existing DR portfolio
– How and when to enroll
– Tracking your performance
– And much more!

Download the slides: PECO Demand Response Webinar (PDF)