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CPower and EMC

July 15, 2019
EMC Partners: Click here to access files on the EMC Partner…

Dispatch 101

May 02, 2019
What is Demand-Side Energy Management? Learn the fundamentals with CPower’s Demand-Side Energy Management 101 video series.

DCAMM Resource Portal

September 17, 2018
Helping Massachusetts Government Organizations Save Money and Earn Revenue Through Demand-Side Energy…

Higher Education

July 18, 2018
Environmental Sustainability. Financial Sustainability. CPower can help you achieve both. Your eye is always on the…


June 12, 2018
Monetize your generator assets. Keep your organization running. CPower can help you do it all. Your…

Data Centers

May 03, 2018
Monetize your energy assets. Keep your customers happy. CPower can help you do it all.…

CPower App Training

February 23, 2018
Knowledge, like energy, is forever in motion. Educating our customers is important to us at CPower.…